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Hybrid wet & dry self-cleaner

Sweep and mop simultaneously丨 Wet and dry dual use丨Self-cleaning丨Cordless and quiet

Long battery run time丨Antibacteria丨Lightweight,flexible丨Zero exhaust air,allergy prevention

Toss your mop and bucket…
To make lifesimple
You'll need a WYPE

Sweep and mop simultaneously

An electric roller mop that truly sweep and mop simultaneously,
To save your time spent on cleaning the floor.

Wet and dry dual use

Clean liquid (milk, tea...), half liquid (ketchup, soup...) and solid waste in one move

Self-clean and anti-bacteria

Press one button to clean the roller by itself.
Make the tedious work of cleaning the mop much easier.
By using BEHOW cleaning solution or cleaning tablet,
To remove odor and be anti-bacteria.

Strong kinetic energy transmission

The electric mop used a brand new cleaning roller design principle.
The motor uses planetary reduction gears with 420 stainless steel bearings.
Outer with 6063 aluminum sandblasted oxidation
Silicone + high strength nylon material waterproof, noise reduction design.

Polymer roller, absorbs water instantly

High-density hydrophilic molecules with interconnected pores
Good water absorption, fast drying, acid and alkali resistance


Super low noise

Working noise lower than 50dB (lab data), no disturbing


Cordless and light weight, hassle free
No worries about the length of cord or the tangled cord
Easy to reach the corners

Super long battery running time

Li-ion battery, releases power fast,Charge 2.5 hours and run 60 mins
Charge the battery every time after using to protect the battery and enlength its life time

Ergonomic handle

Comfortable and effortless handle for long time use

Function indicator

There are three indicators on the main body:
power, cleaning solution and cleaning roller replacement.
Convenient and timely understanding of
the status of the electric roller mop

Cleaning solution box

Add BEHOW or authorized cleaning solution to clean the
roller better Remove odor, anti-bacteria


Charge the roller mop and clean the cleaning roller

Cable winder

Fix extra cable Tidy and clean,
and reduce safety hazards


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