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Our warranty policy complies with the laws of each market

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Q:The handle or main body is not fixed on the connecting rod? Or there's some plastic been shoved.

 A:The metal connecting rod needs to be firmly placed in place, so that the handle button on the handle or the main body can be properly installed. It is normal to shovel a small amount of plastic.

Q: Can't put the cable through the metal connecting rod?

A:Straighten the cable and then make it through.

Q:Can't remove the drain pipe block by hand?

A: Use a vise or other tool to remove it.

Q:The installation location has no washing machine faucet?

 A:If it is a common faucet, you can purchase an adapter that matches the washing machine according to the existing faucet.

Q:Drain tee can not be installed?

 A: 1. There is a washing machine drain cover and can be taken out: remove the silicone ring on the drain tee, put the drain cover on the drain tee, then put the silicone ring on the drain tee and press.

        2. There is a washing machine drain cover and can not be removed: remove the silicone ring on the drain tee, use stripes to tie the drain tee to the drain cover.

        3. No drain cover, only a separate drain hole: remove the silicone ring on the drain tee, put the drain tee on the drain port, use heavy objects to press the drain tee.


Q:Can push or pull the roller mop while using?

A:Yes, you can push and pull the roller mop like using a traditional mop, it won't hurt the mop.


Q:Can the main body be washed with water?

 A:The cleaning head can be washed with water, but it's prohibited to immerse it in water.


Q:Can the base be washed with water?

 A:Gently clean the base with wet cloth, it's prohibited to wash the base under water flow or immerse it in water.


Q:What should I do if I accidentally flush the water to the base shrapnel, will it leak electricity?

 A:The body adapter is 12V, which is harmless to the human body. However, if the water is washed into the machine and continues to be used, it will damage the machine. In this case, immediately unplug the power adapter, wipe the machine, and remove the base charging bracket to the base. Dry the water stains and blow dry the machine with a hair dryer and let it dry for 1~2 days before use.


Q:Other cleaning solution can be used, such as Welch, Dettol and detergent?

 A:Only BEHOW cleaning solution/tablet or BEHOW authorized cleaning solution can be used. The other cleaning solution may harm the machine and it's not under warranty.


Q:How long does it take to charge once and how long does it take to clean 10 square meters?

A:It runs about an hour after fully charging, and 10 square meters in normal cleaning takes for about 2~3 minutes.


Q:The roller mop won't power on?

A:1. The battery is weak. Please charge it.

      2. The roller is stuck, please open the cover to clean the roller.

      3. When the mop is placed on the base, and the pressing of the power button is invalid, please press the cleaning button to enter the cleaning mode.


Q:No water comes in under self-cleaning mode?

A:1.Check if the water supply is cut off. Check if the tap is open.

      2.Open the main body cover and check if the water outlet is blocked.

      3.Check if the main body is well placed, if the charging shrapnel is well connected to the charging points on the main body.


Q:Garbage can not be cleared?

A:1. Open the mop cover and check if the trash container is full. (The capacity of the trash container is limited, please clean it timely.)

      2. Check if the cleaning roller has reached its lifetime.

      3. Check if the roller is damaged.

      4. Some special garbage may be roller out when pulling back the roller mop. We suggest you to sweep by pushing forward always.

      5. Check if there's some garbage sticking on the bottom wiping bar. The bottom wiping bar needs to be cleared timely and to replace if it's broken.


Q:Water left on the floor?

A:1. Check if the cleaning roller has reached its lifetime.

      2. Check if the trash container is full of water.

      3. Check if the trash door is stuck by objects so it's not fully closed.


Q:Base sewage overflows?

A:1. Check if the outlet pipe is placed horizontally. Check if the base is below the level of the floor drain. (The base must be above the level of the floor drain.)/span>

       2. Check if there's too much garbage in the dust bin, clear the dust bin timely.

       3. Check if the drain tee is blocked. If no above solutions help, please turn down the tap a little.


Q:Cleaning roller stuck by some object?

A:Turn off the machine, open the cover of the main body, remove the cleaning roller and then remove the object stuck.


Q:Water leaking under the base?

A:1. Check if the inlet pipe is tightly connected to the base.

      2. Check if the drain pipe is tightly connected to the base.